Let Us Build You A COMPLETELY PASSIVE Ecommerce Business!

This Store Is Brand New

Using a new strategy for sourcing and selling so its running at 66% ROI.

Lyndsey's store generated $5,000 in the first month!

5 Key Features

100% Automated -  This is a completely hands off system for clients. Once you pay the initial start up fee all you'll need is an LLC, D-U-N-S Number, Business Bank account and $10K-30K in credit lines. We assist you every step of the way.

Passive Income -  With this business model you will be able to create a massive amount of freedom in your life, allowing you to make money while you sleep or travel the world. Your Walmart Automation business can create $5K-$30k per month of passive income once it's scaled within the first year. 

E-Comm is a growing industry -  E-commerce is one of the fast growing industries, never before has their been this many products sold online! Walmart has invested millions of dollars into their growth and there is no sign of slowing down. The demand for shopping on Walmart is skyrocketing, and this is a trend that will be around for a very long time.

Start the business with none of your money -  Assuming you have a good credit score and are a Credit Class member, you have the resources and knowledge on how to get approved for the best business cards that will get you tens of thousands of dollars in funding at 0% for the first year.

Estimated $10k+ of profit in your pocket each month once fully scaled -  As long as you have credit lines available, this investment can put $10,000 of profit in your pocket a month within a year.

Client Results

Are you international? 
Do you need a USA biz bank account LLC, EIN, and DUNS number? 
We got you covered! 
Fill out the application and pay here to have it in 6-8 weeks.

Over $10,000 In Profit In Under 4 Months!

In just under 4 months with us, Sam's store has done over $84,000 in sales and collected profits of over $10,000

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